The Hotelisation of the Housing Crisis

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Mel Nowicki

Mel Nowicki is a Lecturer in Urban Geography at Oxford Brookes University. Her research focuses on housing inequality and precarity. She is currently working on a project, along with Dr Ella Harris (Goldsmiths) and Professor Katherine Brickell (Royal Holloway), that explores the role of modular construction techniques as a method of housing provision for homeless families in London and Dublin. Mel has published work both in academic journals, national news websites, and in a policy context. For more information on her work, please see:

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Whilst this website provides an overview of the academic project called Re-imagining Crisis: Pop-up Cultures and Precarious Lives in Austerity London the book contains both more detail and depth. The book will be published this year and will be available to buy from the publisher’s online bookstore.

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