“It’s not like being Prime Minister, but it’s not that bad”: Gallows Humour as a Response to Crisis

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Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw is a Lecturer in Geography at Newcastle University. His research has explored multiple different aspects of the urban night, including the working lives of taxi drivers, changes in public and domestic lighting, nocturnal protest movements, and night-time mobilities. His 2018 book The Nocturnal City was the culmination of that work to date, arguing for a deeper focus on conceptualisations of the night when exploring urban governance. He has also published on non-representational theory, and concepts of assemblage and atmosphere. As well as his book, he has published in academic journals, blogs, newspapers and contributed to British and Australian radio programmes. 

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Whilst this website provides an overview of the academic project called Re-imagining Crisis: Pop-up Cultures and Precarious Lives in Austerity London the book contains both more detail and depth. The book will be published this year and will be available to buy from the publisher’s online bookstore.

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