This website is part of an ESRC funded academic project called "Re-imagining Crisis, Pop-up Cultures and Precarious Lives in Austerity London", carried out by Dr Ella Harris, currently a postdoctoral research fellow in the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths University.  

The project explores how precarious ways of living and working are being re-imagined positively and made to feel normal or even desirable. It will cultimate in the publication of a book, "Precarity Rebranded: Pop-up Logics for Crisis Times". 

This website features articles, images and videos from the project's research, as well as guest contributions from others working on related topics. 

Comments and Contributions are welcome! 


Whilst this website provides an overview of the academic project called Re-imagining Crisis: Pop-up Cultures and Precarious Lives in Austerity London the book contains both more detail and depth. The book will be published this year and will be available to buy from the publisher’s online bookstore.

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